Romeo Lacoste, born in Montreal, Canada has been an artist all his life. He knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist at the age of 17 but it took a long time to find an apprenticeship. Despite the difficulty, he remained committed to working on his craft. Romeo moved to San Diego, CA in 2010 and began to find his place in the tattoo world, working on local musicians. Word of mouth in the music scene spread and soon Romeo was spending more time in Los Angeles, as well as tattooing on the Warp Tour. Romeo's desire and drive to succeed came from his humble and hungry beginning. In 2013, Romeo auditioned for the reality competition show, Best Ink and was cast on season 3. Since the airing of the show, Romeo has moved to Los Angeles full time and is currently in the process of opening his own tattoo studio! Romeo has established himself as an in demand tattoo artist for young Hollywood. Recent clients include: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Soulja Boy, YG, Janel Parish, O2L, A Day To Remember, Of Mice and Men,The Janoskians and many more!